What's New?

Chris Krinke 651-278-5283  
Office located at Spirits Child 3870 W River Rd Ste 120 Tucson Az 85741

What new???  

My husband and I have moved to beautiful

We spent last winter here and after one week
we were hooked!  Never in my wildest dreams
did I think we were going to move here
permanently! However, spirit had other plans
for us.  I've been feeling a big shift coming on
for quite some time and now I have clarity on
part of what it was all about.

I will continue to do readings and Reiki
sessions for all my clients in Wisconsin and
Minnesota.  The difference is now they will be
done from Arizona.  For those of you that do
not understand how that works, it is pretty
much the same as being in person.  I can do
this work over the phone just as easily as
sitting next to you in the same room.

If you are interested in scheduling an
appointment with me please contact me at
651-278-5283.  (My number hasn't changed)

Starting October 1st I will be located at Spirits
Child in Tucson Az.  I am looking forward to
meeting new people and getting my practice up
and running in Arizona.

If you are ever in Arizona please come see me
at my new office.  For those of you that come to
the Rock Show here every Feb/March call me!  
I would love to meet for coffee!

March 2016

I am thrilled and excited to let you know that
my mom has transitioned to the great beyond!
Her journey here is done but her work will
never end!
I was blessed to have the past 2 years to mend
old wounds and spend time helping my mom
through the toughest time of her life.  It was a
difficult but amazing time and I am grateful to
have been given the opportunity to be with
both my parents though my mom's ordeal.

Her final week was tough but we had the entire
week to be together and talk.  She crossed
quietly in her sleep in the company of my
beautiful sister-in-law after everyone else went
home to get some much needed sleep.

Rest in peace mom!   

Jan 2016

Another year has gone by!  Where does the
time go??? As I look back over the past year I
am shocked and amazed of all that has

I taught some new classes that were pretty
awesome if I do say so myself!  I am blessed to
have some of the most incredible students.
New friendships were made and old ones
became stronger. I had the privilege of
teaching with Deanna Czerwonka which was an
absolute joy!  

My parents continue to battle their health
issues but are still here to talk about it!

We had two new grand babies join our family,
two graduations (one high school and one
college), one wedding, two engagements, and
our son joined the Air Force!

My husband and I have taken on a new
venture.  We will be moving to Arizona
sometime this year and will be dividing our
time between Wisconsin and Arizona.  I am not
sure as of yet what that will look like for me
but I will continue to do readings and healing
work from each place.  

So many things are changing and continue to
change.  Sometimes it can be a bit challenging
to figure out how to make it all work!  No
matter what though, it has been an exciting
year and will continue to be for a while.  I am
looking forward to seeing what other changes
will occur!  


Hello everyone!!  It's been a very long time
since I have updated this website!  I apologize
for that.  So much has gone on in the past
couple years that I hadn't anticipated.  

My mom developed pancreatic cancer and I
ended up taking off several months from work
to assist in selling my parents home, taking
care of my father and mother, and moving them
to an assisted living facility.

In the mean time, I no longer had the time or
energy to finish my new website and had to
abandon that project rather than pay for two
sites that were not being tended to.

I ended up doing 3 expo's for the entire year
and also had to bow out of that venue for lack
of time and energy.

Needless to say, I have learned a few things in
the process of caring for elderly sick parents.  
Some lessons are still in the process of being
learned!  All were great opportunities to
understand myself and my family better.

I am open for business again but this time I do
not have much of an agenda.  Due to the fact
that I am still dealing with family illness and
the care of my parents I have decided it's best
to go with the flow and see what shows up.

I wish to thank everyone being flexible and
allowing me to change appointments at the last
minute when necessary.  I am grateful for the
chance to be of service both to my parents and
my clients/friends!

I am looking forward to working with
whomever may show up in my life and can't
wait to see what the future holds!!  

I sat down one afternoon to write a message
for a class I was teaching.  I thought it would
be good to put the message on this page since
it seems to apply to so many of my clients!

Breather deeply and remember what it is like to be
connected to truth.  Truth allows you to feel free.  
Free from worry and stress.  Free to know
everything you need is contained deep within
You always have been and always will be connected
to your truth.  It is time to trust…it is time to
remember that there is nothing you can not do.  
Nothing you can not achieve.
You are here to shine as brightly as you possibly
can.  You are here to make a difference in the world.  
As you begin to remember your truth you will hold
the energy of that truth.  In doing so, others will be
exposed to that energy and they too can begin to
remember their truth.
In order to be fully engaged with your truth you
must begin to trust. Trust yourself, trust your
intuition. Leave behind your unsureness. Let it go as
it no longer serves you.
Breathe in the energy of truth-with it comes clarity
and strength. With it also comes the ability to
catapult! Yes, smile for you know what I say
resonates with your soul!! You can feel your truth
coming alive within your being.

Today begins your new journey!! Today everything
changes. This is what you have been waiting for.
Look at your issues with renewed joy. See them for
what they are-Gifts!! Beautifully wrapped gifts of joy
and strength and understanding. As you unwrap
each one you get closer and closer to your true self!!
We are no longer here to shuffle our way home, we
are here to run and jump and roll on the ground with
You have all asked for this…some of you have
begged!! This you will not do alone! You have each
other and you have us. The more you trust the more
you will begin to notice us. The more you trust the
easier it will be to move through your so called
You designed this journey-you have all come
together-you will not have to do it alone.
Now I ask you, what do you really want? Better yet,
how big can you dream?
I challenge you to dream BIGGER!