Types of channeling

There are many types of channeling.  Everyone channels at different times.  Channeling can be how you
hear messages from your guides.  Some people channel when they paint or do any form or art such as
poetry, writing, pottery, etc.  Channeling is a way to open yourself up to your higher self.  It is also a way of
being in the moment.  It is how we sometimes know that we should or should not do something without
really knowing why we know.  

After having had a near death experience, I am very aware of how much we channel every day.  It seems
as though I am more open since my experience even though I remember having these experiences all the
time as a child.  At some point in my teenage years I stopped listening.  (I pretty much stopped listening to
everyone with any kind of authority!!)  Although, I sure started paying attention after my death experience
because I had first hand knowledge of what is on the other side.

Interestingly enough, "they" have always been there for us, we for some reason stopped being there for
them.  If we all could just understand how very simple it really is.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  "They",
are our guides, angels, teachers, deceased friends and family members, soul self, and soul groups.  We
knew them before we came here and we will remember them when we leave here.  "They" are here to help
us on our journey.  "They" want us to be happy and "they" will do whatever "they" can to make things easier
for us.  All we have to do is stop long enough to pay attention and listen to what feels right.  "They" will give
us many signs and opportunities.  "They" don't give up on us...although we tend to give up on them if things
don't happen soon enough.  Patience!!!!  

Remember, it is important to slow down and pay attention.  Most of us go at break-neck speeds everyday
and then we wonder why we can't get any help.  
Believe me when I say, "they" are here and helping at
every opportunity "they" get.  Just stop long enough to let them show you!!!

Ok, back to channeling...another form of channeling is deep trance channeling.  That is the type of
channeling we do at Light Alliance.  Val Medeiros is the one who goes into a deep state of hypnosis.  While
she is under, she steps aside and allows her body to be used by one of the higher vibrational energies that
we channel.  We are always very careful to only open the session to high vibrational beings.  We never
channel just anyone.  

It is our intention to learn as much as we can but only through those that are here for our highest good.  A
deep trance channel is usually unaware of much of what has happened.  Most of the time if you tell them
some of what went on, they are able to recall some of the conversation.  Sometimes even days later there
is a vague memory of something that occurred but the channel is not always sure of when the information
was brought through or what it was all about.

There is also what we call a "conscious channel".  This is when the person channeling stays in their body
and is aware of everything that is happening.  These messages will filter through the channels personal
filters and may or may not be a clear message.  It depends on how well the channel can pass the message
through while setting their own ego aside.  Some do it very well and others do not.  It is a little difficult
sometimes for most people to know if it is a clear message from the spiritual beings.  I can tell you that the
messages are always one of love and peace.  They never speak to us in anger or in any degrading form.  
Those are human qualities!!!  

Everyone has the ability to be a conscious channel!         

Who we channel

We channel 2 different groups:  

One is called
“The Council of Masters”.  This group consists of a group of 6 master beings.  We call the
speaker of the group Head Master.
 He receives input from the rest of the group and translates the
information to us through Val Medeiros (our deep trance channel).  The Council helps us to understand
ourselves better and helps us to learn to trust.  They are a very upbeat and funny group.  Their message is
one of love.  They are never angry or mean in any way.  They want us to be filled with love and happiness.  
They do their best to explain things even if it is beyond human comprehension.  They are here to make our
journey as smooth as possible.  

The second group we channel is called,
“Keepers of the Heart”.  This group consists of 4 light beings.  
Each of these beings has spoken with us.  They come as a group but they are all one in the same.  Each
one has a different message but all wish to teach us about love.  

Omni:  Omni is the primary coordinator of the Keepers.  Omni is a very balanced energy, one of wisdom
and great knowledge.  Omni will help us recognize that we are all one!
Omni has many words of wisdom that will be shared.

Riley:  Riley is very funny.  He laughs so much that you can’t help but laugh with him.  The first time he
came through I laughed for 5 minutes before he said much.  He reminds me of a leprechaun.  He is full of
energy and light.  Riley has had many lifetimes on the earth plain.  This is his first time channeling in this
way.  He makes it a point to rile us up a little and does a very good job of it.  He wants us to laugh because
it opens our heart!

Mariah:  Mariah has a beautiful energy.  She is one of my favorites!!  They call her the "simple one"
because most of her lifetimes she lived only a short time.  While here, she taught the simple message of
love.  She teaches about the basics like breathing, smiling, letting go, happiness, and truth.  

Shrondea:  Shrondea is a male energy that is very strong and bold.  He teaches lessons of the ego and of
a hardened world.  He is what I would call a warrior!  He can be quite intense but also offers lessons based
in love.  I like to joke around with him because he is so intense! (I am here to teach Shrondea to lighten
up!!! Ha! Ha!)

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Channeling is a profound means of transformation on a
personal and spiritual level, where one opens the lines of
communication to universal knowledge through a state of
deep relaxation.
Val is a deep trance
Chris is the facilitator
for our channeling
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