This CD was originally written exclusively for the staff of Light Alliance.  Our
goal was to motivate ourselves to be the best we could possible be.  As
word got out, we were continually asked if this CD could be purchased.  
After a few minor changes, we have reproduced this CD for anyone
interested in reaching their highest potential.  This CD combines deep
relaxation and hypnosis techniques, along with positive affirmations.  You
will achieve heightened perception and be motivated to tap into your highest
potential.  Learn to believe in yourself and REACH FOR THE UNREACHABLE!!!

This CD combines deep relaxation and hypnosis techniques along with
positive affirmations.  Listening to this CD will allow you to consciously
activate your dreamstate.  This will provide you with the opportunity to
receive guidance from your higher self in achieving your life's dreams.  Your
confidence will heighten as you begin to believe everything is possible.  
DARE TO DREAM and trust you will be given all that you can imagine and

I Am Magnificent was created to increase self-esteem.  It combines deep
relaxation, positive affirmations and hypnosis techniques to give that extra
boost of confidence and encouragement.  This CD focuses on replacing
negative feelings with strength, self-confidence.  It will enable you to come
into alignment with your true essence.  Believe in yourself and you can
accomplish anything.  Step into your truth and walk in your magnificence!!!

This motivational CD series was created as a supplement to our
hypnotherapy cds.  We eliminated the trance/hypnosis sections, using only
the motivational scripts.  This enables you to listen while driving.  Get
motivated while remaining wide awake and alert!  This CD is for anyone
interested in achieving their highest potential, opening yourself to believing
in your dreams, and awakening your be the best that you
could possibly be.  Learn to believe in yourself and Reach for the

There are many reasons people start smoking.  This CD gives you control
over the addiction of smoking by combining relaxation and hypnosis
techniques along with positive affirmations.  It will awaken your
subconscious to the realities of your habit.  You will find that your body
feels more energized and you will have the stamina and determination to let
go of this habit once and for all.  Make the choice to become a non-smoker
today and regain the healthy body you deserve!!

The focus taken with this weight loss CD is different than most you will
encounter.  The idea is not to try to change your habits but to change how
you feel about your body.  Feeling better about yourself promotes better
eating!  A combination of relaxation and hypnosis techniques along with
positive affirmations will give you everything you need to lose the extra
pounds.  Try this positive new way of creating a better body-After all, what
do you have to lose??!!  

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